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Is It Time for a New Garage Door?

Is It Time for a New Garage Door?

For most, we don’t know when it is time for a garage door replacement, until it’s too late. At SI Overhead Door we offer garage door installationoverhead door repair, and maintenance. Do you know which one you need? 


Let’s look at some common signs that it is time for a garage door replacement;


Visual Imperfections

One of the most obvious signs is visible deterioration on the garage door.  If you notice there are dents or holes in your overhead door this could be a greater harm than just a less appealing view. The opener system is having to work harder to manipulate the damaged overhead door which could damage the motor or belts on your opener. If your overhead door is damaged this could also affect its ability to keep your home secured. The barrier between pests, intruders, and outside weather becomes compromised if your garage door is damaged. And, if the damage is neglected it could go from a simple repair to an entirely new door.


Outdated Safety Features

Most garage doors come equipped with a number of valuable safety features. However, if you have an older garage door it may be lacking some key appliances. It may be time to upgrade in order to keep you and your family protected. These important features include:

    • Photo-eye sensors: This is a sensor that prevents the garage door from closing if anything obstructs the path of the door.
    • Auto-Reverse functionality: This feature will send the garage door in reverse when it hits an obstruction to prevent anything from getting stuck underneath.
    • Motion detection: This is a LiftMaster accessory that will turn on your garage lights when it detects movement, like pulling your vehicle inside to keep you from fumbling in the dark.
    • Manual Override Control: If there is a power outage this feature aids in the override of the automatic controls that way your garage door can still function without power.


Noisy Door

Is your garage door unusually loud? Of course some garage doors cause noise, but if the noise changes, squeaks, grinds, or slams this could be a potential issue. This could be caused by stripped gears, faulty latching, or improper placement/shifting of the doors. If this is the case you may need an overhead door specialist to change out the hardware or entirely replace the door.



Call SI Overhead Door!

These are all common signs of an old garage door, but there is no need to look at chipped paint, worry about your safety, or hear that screeching belt any longer!  SI Overhead Door is here to ensure curb appeal and most importantly, your family’s safety. 


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