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What to Do When Your Garage Door Sensors Aren’t Working

What to Do When Your Garage Door Sensors Aren’t Working

A malfunctioning garage door sensor is a frustrating thing that often leaves you wondering what to do. This handy guide from SI Overhead Door will help you figure out what steps to take.


Check Your Sensors

There are many things that could be impacting the function of your sensors. Some things that you should check for are:


Cleanliness: Sometimes, a sensor working improperly could be caused by dust or dirt that collects on the sensor. In that case, a gentle cleaning using a soft cloth should be enough to solve the problem. 


Power Supply: In other cases, dust and dirt may not be the answer. Another common sensor issue to look out for is loss of power supply. Garage door sensors need an adequate power supply in order to function properly. In the case of a faulty sensor, you should check the power supply to learn how to proceed with fixing the problem.


Lights and Alignment: Another area to be aware of are the sensor lights. Checking the sensor lights is a great way to find out what the problem is. If the lights on your sensors are not working or are blinking, that is a sign that there may be an alignment issue. 


Wire Damage: Wire damage is a serious problem when it comes to garage door sensors.You should check the wires of your sensors to see if they are tangled, twisted, or broken in any way. If there are any wires that you find are broken, it is possible that you can fix it yourself, but it is often easiest to call a professional.


Garage Door Sensor Replacement

If you are having persistent issues with your sensors after conducting these checks and quick fixes, it’s time to replace your sensor. Garage door professionals from SI Overhead Door are able to help you with the replacement process. For more information about garage door maintenance and replacement, contact SI Overhead Door today. 

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