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Garage Door FAQ’s

Garage Door FAQ’s

Garage doors can be tricky to handle at times. Whether you are experiencing problems with your current garage door or are looking into purchasing a new one, SI Overhead Door is here to help. Our overhead door specialists will make sure that you are taken care of and get the help that you need.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my garage door repaired?

Contact your overhead door specialist for repairs. Many garage door repairs can be dangerous for the average homeowner, so it is best to contact a professional. Repair specialists at SI Overhead Door can be reached by calling 618-658-3667 or by requesting a quote.


What is the best garage door for me?

The best garage door for you hinges on a few different factors. Factors such as personal style, maintenance, energy efficiency, and location of the garage. Your overhead door specialist can help determine what type of door will work best for you.


Why won’t my garage door open?

Some of the most common issues that prevent a garage door from the opening are sensor issues, broken springs, rollers off track, or an issue with a power source. If you are having difficulties getting your garage door to open, check for any obvious problems and get in contact with an overhead door specialist to get the issue resolved.


Why won’t my garage door close?

Some of the most common issues that prevent a garage door from closing are clutter blocking the sensors, the limit settings, and the door’s tracks and rollers. Take a look at these parts and see if you can realign the sensors, fix the limit setting, or clean the rollers and tracks yourself. If you can’t do it yourself or are still experiencing issues, call an overhead door specialist today. 


How do I select the right garage door opener?

There are many important factors to consider when selecting a garage door opener such as the size and construction of your garage door, how much space you have surrounding your garage door, the proximity of living spaces to the garage, and the features that you want your garage door opener to have.


Have a different question for the overhead door specialists at SI Overhead Door?

Contact SI Overhead Door with any additional questions that you may have about your garage door. Our overhead door specialists will be happy to answer your questions and help you out. Call now, or request a quote today!

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